Supporting families through COVID-19 

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If you are the first to register – you will be the ‘Account Holder’ and the key point of interactions between your family and us.

Simply invite family members and 'Contacts' using their email address

Invite the Cared for Person (make sure that they have mobile data enabled or are connected to a WiFi network)

Invite at least one willing neighbour or friend that lives nearby – if possible - just in case somebody needs to do something at very short notice

Create Your Support Network

Setup Tasks and Key Events & Dates

Get all the usual things in first – shopping list, GP & hospital appointments, medication schedule

Set up a schedule of phone calls rather than visits – so that somebody is in contact regularly

Make sure that your Cared for Person adds in any appointments and events that they might need help with

Add in dates that individuals in the family are self-isolating too - so that everybody knows the status

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we feel that everyone needs to play their part. We want to help by making it easier for families to provide trusted support for older members who are self-isolating. From arranging tasks like organizing the shopping to ensuring that medication is taken  - YooToo will enable you to co-ordinate support

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If your cared-for person has to go into hospital, you can use YooToo to plan their care needs for when they return home

Use the Hospital Discharge wizard to organise an intensive period of support, ensuring that temporary medications such as anti-biotics are included in the medication reminders

Returning from Hospital

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YooToo has been created in partnership by Carr Gomm (Scottish Charity SC033491) and Ember Technology.


It’s never been so important to ensure that Care for People don’t miss medications in order to avoid unnecessary complications or hospitalisation

 You can set up the medication schedule and repeat prescription reminders

YooToo will make sure you select the right medicine and dosage – but take a photo of the medication as well – sometimes the brand or format is slightly different

YooToo will record and escalate missed medication incidents so that you can ensure that it’s never missed

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Your questions

Is this Free?

Yes – you will be asked to input the code COVID19 after the first month of use and we will make the App free to use throughout the crisis period

Does the person I'm caring for need to be tech savvy?

No – YooToo is predominantly to help the people providing support to get organised. The person that you care for need not actually be included as a user if that works better in your situation

What devices do we need?

YooToo will work on any internet-connected device. However, for the full range of features, we’d recommend that you download the App too – simply follow the instructions once you’ve created an account

We recommend that you include family members who can contribute or who need to know what’s going on. You can also add ‘Contacts’ who can help too such as next-door neighbours, health professionals and family friends. Contacts are not included in family sensitive exchanges but can be included in tasks and events

Who should I include in the support network?

The Cared For Person using YooToo will see their own schedule. They can add tasks and events themselves so that everybody knows the itinerary at all times. They will also be reminded to take medications and to log pain and mood scores

What can the Cared for Person do?

What about Data Security & Privacy?

YooToo is a GDPR compliant service hosted in the UK. We only ask for the data required to provide the service and your data will not be shared with third parties. For more information on data security can be found at

We have added some suggestions and recommendations below to help you understand how to get the best from YooToo in a self-isolation situation. For more details please see

What can I do with YooToo?